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Here you will surely find excellent, yet simply written answers to all garage door questions. They will really help you.

  • Can you tell when a torsion spring will break?

    Over time, the garage door spring will get weaker, but usually there are no visible signs of this happening. That is why preventive replacement isn’t a solution. Still, you can produce an estimate of when the spring will break by dividing its cycle life by the average number of daily uses.

  • What materials are required for garage door maintenance?

    You will need a lubricant that's light and not dense or sticky. It should not harden as the temperature goes down. In case there is hardened grease on the hardware, you should remove it with a mild solvent. You don’t need a special cleaner for the panels. If you have a steel door, you can dissolve detergent in cool water. For wood units, it is best if you clean them using a soft damp cloth.

  • Which are the most useful optional accessories for garage door openers?

    A mini remote is easy to carry with you on your keychain. A wireless keypad will enable you to open your garage door from the outside when you don’t have a remote control with you. Instead of a traditional wall button, you can get an entire control panel with things like advanced security features, motion detection sensors for turning the lights on automatically and maintenance reminders.

  • Can the torsion spring shaft break?

    Theoretically, this is possible. If the component is crashed with great force, it will most likely break. However, such an accident is highly unlikely to happen. Generally, this component is quite thick and strong. It is made of galvanized steel which is resistant to corrosion. If you have a shaft consisting of two sections connected with a coupler, you have to ensure that the connecting component is reliable as well.

  • How do I know if my sensors or transmitters are not calibrated?

    If the response time of your garage door opener is experiencing some delay, then the calibration of the sensors may be off. This can also be the reason if your garage door stops responding completely. If you experience this scenario, calibration should be the first thing you check.

  • Is a wooden garage door better?

    It depends. If you are going for a more visually appealing garage door, then this wooden garage door is perfect. However, you need to take note that it can be quite difficult to maintain. It is also quite expensive, but obviously, it’s worth the price.

  • What should be done to stop injury from happening?

    The best advice is to avoid garage door related injury is to be careful. Be aware when opening or closing the door. When doing small repairs on your own, you need to use protective gear. Keeping the garage clean also helps.

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