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Garage Door Springs

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Here we want to explain the reasons why your garage door springs need to be replaced and maintained by highly trained professionals. If your extension or torsion spring is damaged or malfunctioning in any way, it's always best to let someone with bags of experienced handle its repair.

The Danger Of Springs

Garage Door SpringsThe springs on your garage door are not ordinary, they are extremely strong and able to carry a very high amount of tension in their coils. Older models can be very tricky to dismantle. If they are removed with the wrong method, the spring can explode violently. Broken and fragile springs can be especially dangerous as they can have very sharp edges. The last thing you want is for the rusted or broken spring to pop out suddenly and surprise you. It can propel outwards and cause harm to you, those around you as well as your property.

Adjustment Can Be Complex

It is possible for your springs to stop working efficiently due to imbalance. If your door is not staying still when opened half way, or is proving too difficult to open or close, your spring could need an adjustment. Our experts know exactly how to adjust all designs to the correct level. There is no spring design, old or new, that we don't have experience with. The replacements we install are always new and in most cases we will be able to fit a new up to date model that is a vast improvement on your current design.

Expert Garage Door Spring Replacement

Call Garage Door Repair Libertyville now if your spring is degraded, rusted, weak or completely broken. We will come to fix it at a time that suits you. We know the best ways to handle the task safely and efficiently to help you avoid risk completely. Some strings can even come with added safety measures incorporated into their design, this is something we can certainly advise on further.

Contact us now to receive a quick quote or to arrange a call out from one of your highly trained repair technicians. 

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